Sunday, October 30, 2011


So I walk into my bathroom a couple days ago and find this on my sink:

I have no idea how this think got there...but I have never see a slug this big! I thought we were done with the random critters in our house now that we've moved! Guess not...haha

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

...and 1/2

We recently made a challenging downsize into our new little home. It has been a really good experience of having to take a serious look at everything we own and determine what it is that we actually use and what we actually need. But surprisingly there has been little to no stress with this challenge- it has been really good and unexpectedly liberating! Now when I look around my house I see the things I treasure and enjoy the most rather than just a bunch of stuff. Needless to say there was a very big yard sale and we have done several drop offs to goodwill since then.

Who knew yard sales could be so much work yet so much fun? We weren't alone- we were joined by several other friends and all together it was a grand sale!

Our load is about 1/4 what is was when this began and I feel great! So now begins the creative challenge- organization and decor. I have found lots of inspiration from -but be warned: it is very very very addictive!! So I shall hereby commence the before and after shots of each room as they are completed hopefully with some success stories of organization feats!

Our new address happens to be 411 1/2. Everyone is totally perplexed the the "and 1/2" as I was. I thought it was hilarious! So here is the first before/after of our little 1/2 home :o)

 Its amazing what a little paint will do! This front porch is my absolute favorite part of this house. Kevin and I have eaten several meals out there just enjoying the fall weather. It is so peaceful! There is a large tree ( not sure what kind...) right in front that has beautiful red and orange leaves. In fact, there are trees bursting with color all up and down the street- it is a wonderful time to be outside.

Coming soon: the living room! It is nearly completed and certainly the riskiest paint choice I've ever made!...