Tuesday, September 20, 2011

mr. turtle

Ok so I completely missed August...so here I am back and ready for the summer catch up! For those of you sitting on the edge of your seats wondering about the sad plant in our living room- it did in fact pass on into the plant after life. Sadly in our laziness we now have a pot of dirt in our living room rather than a plant or sprout as it was in the previous picture...

So we failed at the plant...but before having a child we really should succeed at nurturing something, right? And so might I introduce our new family addition: "mr. turtle"

Kevin has always wanted a turtle- in fact 3 years ago for his birthday I bought him this turtle tank with the promise of a turtle! Finally mr. turtle has arrived! He is a tiny baby turtle (a Red Eared Slider to be exact) at about 2 inches in diameter! SO cute! We are very proud. It is a new experience for sure- we find ourselves worrying about how much he is sleeping and if he is eating enough...he is our first pet and we really want to see him grow big over the years! 

Other big news in the Reed house is our upcoming move- we will be switching to a new rental home going from 1800 sq.ft to 600 sq. ft! It has been quite a challenge of simplifying, but a really good one! It is so freeing to get rid of the things you do not need or use! There is one room in our existing house that I will miss a lot- it is our laundry room/office. 
It is such a perfect space...however I am very thankful for the opportunity to be challenged in the way of simplifying. Already it has brought us a great blessing! 

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  1. hooray for mr turtle and simplifying! your new home WILL be something special and can totally mark a new and fresh change for you, chelsie. it just may not be in the ways you think :) i'm so excited for you...and i can't wait to help paint! :)