Tuesday, May 15, 2012

all things baby

Since my last several posts have been heavy and pictureless- here is a lighter picture filled post :o)

Here is baby-

21 weeks
23 weeks

25 weeks
28 weeks

30 weeks
32 weeks

The funny thing is I remember taking this picture and thinking I was SO big! (13 weeks)

So with about 8 or so weeks left till baby girl arrives and 2 weeks left till graduation- I have been compiling things I want to make for baby.
I found this amazing wreath on pinterest- imagine adding "Its a Girl" across the middle (!)

I've also been thinking a lot about her newborn pictures (which there will be so many of!) and some hats that I'd like to get or make...

And headbands....

And lastly- like every other creative person I draw inspiration from the amazing work of others: newborn shots that I love and inspire me...
love the colors....

everything about this picture is great...except maybe the hat...

I love the lace!

All the pictures (with exception of the ones of myself of course) are found on www.pinterest.com.
(I didn't site each one cause it would require re-finding them)

Next project is to search out a mobile to make, and perhaps make it (so much to make!!) Then I will be close to blogging baby's room (which is almost done!!)

What fun these next few weeks will be... :o)

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