Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Most recent crafting...

So now that Ms. Amy's baby shower has passed I'll share my crafting projects from her gift. Please don't judge, they are a little rough! (but then with just a picture maybe you won't notice all the imperfections!)
2 bibs, felt shoes and bath puppets!

I love these shoes...maybe next time they will be even! haha

Rolled roses lamp shade. I love how this turned out! :o)


  1. Oh I should say that I did use a pattern from Martha Stewart for the felt shoes. It can be found at:

  2. oh my gosh chels! you are seriously amazing. i'm obsessed with that lamp shade. how did you make it!?!?!?

  3. its rolled roses hot glued to a lamp shade. very simple :o)

  4. YAHHH!!!!! I'm so sorry it's taken me a week now to pull up your blog :( i'm a bad friend! but I loooove this!!! yah! words cannot describe in one blog comment, but these goodies just bring so much job to my heart :)
    ps- i'm also just now trying the white chocolate raspberry ice cream that you guys left at our place. lol it's super good! :)