Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Routine: is it good or does it rob the spice of life. There is a banner in our church right now that says something like "Imagine if the ordinary routine of your church became anything but routine" I have been thinking about this routine issue a lot lately- its just so much a part of our American/Western culture, whereas in other cultures people are not so time and schedule driven. So who has it right? If we were to put that banner in their church they would be perplexed! They'd scratch their heads and say "what routine??"

So as in most things too much of anything is bad- either extreme is probably not where we want to be. So while I was never meant to live in a western culture (according to my personality) I suppose negating all structure from my life would be a disservice. HOWEVER I simply can't and won't operate the same as say my dear Husband who is structured as they come! (but to his credit- he has a dash of adventure and spontaneity *praise the Lord!*)

So today with the help of my structured Husband I have begun a new and unexpected scheduled discipline.....
Yep- running. Like the last thing I would think I would do because of how out of shape I am...and how I HATE mornings!! But here are my motivating reasons:
1. Preparing my body for a baby one day :o)
2. Generally getting and staying healthy
3. Looking hot for vacation!

So Kevin, my dear husband, is helping me to wake up with him at 8am each morning and "run" (really its power walking, 4 minutes of jogging then me panting back to the house) I am skipping Thursday, he is skipping Friday and we are both skipping Sunday...
So blogger friends keep me accountable!! Knowing myself this would never work- with my resistance toward structure and routine- but Kevin, oh he is all over this! I am so thankful for him!

I suppose there is one other motivator...people who run are just really cool. Its true. There was this shirt I saw once, and with it come memories of playing volleyball and having to run laps when we didn't play well. This could be the coolest shirt I've ever seen:

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  1. Ha! I love it! Oh running laps in volleyball. Blah to the remembrance of those days :)

    I say way to go my friend! I think people who are determined, and can make themselves run all the time is my hero.

    Oh, and I liked that little comment about having a kid one day. Nice way to put it in there, o so non-chalatly.... love it!