Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Rumors have been flying around for years now, and finally they are true! We are having a baby!

We kept our secret for quite awhile, and even so I'm not sure it has totally hit me yet...but sometime around July 8 there will be a little baby in this little house :o)
So now of course opens a whole new chapter in life- aside from this being one of the biggest life transitions a person faces, there are also so many new things to make decisions about! Before I wouldn't really pay attention to articles and news stories about babies, children and parenting,...now I think "oh wait! I may need to know this!" I am certain that parenting used to be much less complicated than it is now. Already I am so overwhelmed with research and opinions and an overabundance of information that at first seems helpful but quickly starts to complicate the few things you thought you had decided.

So hooray for a new journey! Like most parents I am convinced that I will be the laughing stock of all my people as they watch me raise this child :o) But hopefully with God's help it will turn out ok.

I am only waiting to get a rug for my living room before continuing the postings on the new house. My thought is that next time it would be smart to begin with a rug because it is very hard to find one now that it is the last thing to go in the room!