Thursday, February 9, 2012

the cave

I feel encouraged that I am nearing the end of "The Great Organizational Challenge", but I am not quite there fully. So I will share some of my home decor and later detail the organizational solutions I have reached for our very small space. Also- the challenge has grown more challenging as we now make room for baby :o)
Anyhow- this is a corner of our bedroom. My husband calls the little nook where our bed is "the cave". The name really fits since we have such low ceilings in the bedroom and the black armor extends the wall alcove to create this cave-like nook where we sleep. It is very cozy and I happen to love it :o)

For our "headboard" I traced the top of a large cup with a pencil then painted over the stencil. The wall art is a poster taped to the back of an old window and our night stands are some of my photography props :o) Both lamps and the comforter are from ikea and the pillows are from a variety of clearance racks.

My jewelry window is one of my favorite completed projects. The window came from an antique store and was marked really low because it only had 2 glass panes remaining in it. The "S" hooks are from ikea along with the chair and little makeshift table (which is actually a part of our desk...) I love quilts and I have to point out this quilt was made by my great grandma Darbro.

So there you have it. I am sure there will be small update here and there, but I suppose it is silly to keep waiting until it is "done". As all creative people know, there will always be new inspiration that bring about new projects! And that is one of the little joys in life. 


  1. o.m.g. i loooove that. yep. really love it. wanna think of something for my house?

  2. i can hardly begin to describe how much i love and quite possibly covet this space. yeah, i'm taking that to the Lord. :) beautiful job, my friend!